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At Scribewriters we take confidentiality seriously and we deal with highly confidential information and files on a daily basis.


We work across many sectors with a range of professionals e.g. doctors, lawyers, researchers and celebrities! We understand the importance of privacy and are committed to securing your confidential information.

Our transcribers are also professionals in other areas of their lives e.g. Medical Records Officers, Medical Admin Assistants, Legal Assistants, PHD Researchers, Court Transcriptionists and Social Workers. So our team already come to us with an understanding as to why confidentiality is critical, and when they join us, they're required to commit to practices that keep your information safe. All our transcribers are required to sign and adhere to our confidentiality agreement before any of your information is shared with them. You are also welcome to send your own contract for them to sign.


Get in touch with us to talk about confidentiality, we can work with you to tailor an information sharing process that suits you.

View our Terms and Conditions here.

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